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Credit Card Story and Picture from readers #1

Saturday, March 22nd, 2008

As promised I am going to go through the pictures and stories of all the contest entrants for the credit card cut up contest that sent pictures in.

Stephen from VA writes:

The only thing I discovered with my Discover card is how easy it is to get in over my head in debt.

credit card

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Credit Card Contest results and my video as promised

Friday, March 14th, 2008

So, I have to say the contest has been both great and disappointing at the same time.

The disappointing:
5000+ visitors in the past two weeks, yet only 17 picture entries. Basically half of the minimum.

The great:
Most of the people that wrote in had great, touching stories. The people that did respond really really made me feel good and Im glad to see that this contest actually had an impact on some people.

So with all that out of the way, lets get down to business! Before I announce the winners as promised, here is my video:

You can get it here or you can watch it on youtube

In case you are wondering, yes that is the poop eater in the background. Ok, Ok so on to the winners!

Since there were not enough entries for the iPods I am not giving those away. However, because I was so impressed with the entries I picked winners and I have some individualized prizes for them on top of the normal ones and I added a couple extra winners as well. Oh and that surprise prize I was going to give to 10 people? earning powerIt is my new ebook that I am going to release next week entitled “Earning Power.” Instead, I am going to give it to everyone who sent in a picture entry as well as a few people who wrote excellent entries but were unable to send a picture. I have to say that this was one of the hardest things to do: pick winners. I went ahead and did a weighted system of one point for every card cut up shown and up to 10 points for story. All of the stories were just plain awesome…so much so that instead of posting a select few I am going to feature every good story in their individual posts in the upcoming weeks. The first prize entry I will post today. All winners will be notified by email and are welcome to post comments here. Also any victory photos are welcome 🙂

First Place: Ramits ebook, Trents ebook, AND a $20 gift certificate to anywhere she would like. Gails from Ohio’s entry:

I am a reader of your blog and wanted to enter the contest. I cut up many cards recently, some old and some current. Picture attached! I have been working the Dave Ramsey Plan officially since October 1, 2007, so that’s the last time I used any of my cards. I have been in credit card debt for many years but it really escalated about 4.5 years ago when the company I worked for closed down. I accepted my current job but with a $300.00 a week pay cut!!!! Ouch! I did however know that this would be the perfect job for me, and since that time I have received raises and bonuses and am now making more money than I was before. I also have been working 4 part time jobs in addition to my day job, so luckily I have no time to shop anyway! I am an avid reader of PF blogs and have learned so much from them, and am so inspired by all the stories. Thanks for the contest, I hope I win…I never win this kind of stuff, but what the heck I entered anyway.

Second Place: Ramits ebook, Trents ebook, free advertising for his blog on my site

Mr DebtBeaters entry (thats 16 cards total amongst some paper) I wanted to show this pile because its huge:

Third – Fifth Place: Ramits ebook, and $5 gift cards

Joseph from somewhere, Scott from Jersey, and Mary from Colorado

Random winners: Linda P from unknown and Max from California

Until each person gets their own post, I made a collage of all of the cut ups.

Thanks to everyone for entering!

Last day to enter credit card cut up contest

Monday, March 10th, 2008

Today is the last day to submit your entry for the Credit Card Cutup Contest.  On friday I will post the winners, as well as the video of myself cutting up my card, AND I will post what the surprise is, which I will give out TEN of….so get those entries in!

Credit Card Cut Up Contest update

Monday, March 3rd, 2008

One week into the Credit Card Cut Up Contest there are a decent amount of entries, though only a handful of pictured entries. However Id like to share a few clips Ive gotten because it really makes me feel good to know that people are taking this to heart. There are entries that range from touching to bitter to funny. Here are a few of my favorites from different people:

The Grateful:

“Dear Jesse,
This is a wonderful thing that you are doing! You are really changing lives, mine included. Attached is my last credit card, now all are in peices. I am an enteprenuer and I have racked up over $20,000 in credit card debt over the past four years! My fiance and I started a decorative painting business in 2004. There have been many time where the money that we make does not cover things like food, the phone bill, etc.. So me, who started out with zero credit card debt, applied for 0% interest cards not seeing the inherent danger. Well, over the course of four years, now I am at my limits on all seven cards and a mountain of debt to pay back!
The best thing that I can do is to remain positive and be joyous to reducing my debt. My fiance has two teenagers and I can only hope that they do not make the same mistakes that I have. I will be sure to show them my statements and educate them on the stranglehold that credit card companies can apply to people if they allow it. ”

The Angry:

“Hello, I would like to enter your contest. I <edit>ing hate the <edit>ing credit card companies. I really do. I was young and did not realize how many problems they would cause me. Thats really all I have to say, except that I hope the surprise is that we get to strangle someone from visa.”

The Happy:

“I have just cut up my gas card and my Kohls card. I guess it you offering an incentive for me to finally do it. It feels good and I’ll have them paid off by September.
Thanks so much for the incentive and the prizes. I hope I win. I need all the info
I can get!”

The Funny:

“The only thing I discovered with my Discover card is how easy it is to get in over my head in debt. I like this contest and it gives me a great opportunity to share my victory photo!!”

So far there are 10 entries with pictures, that means 20 more people need to enter for the iPods to go, so get those entries in, theres one week left!

The Ultimate Credit Card Cut-Up Contest

Monday, February 25th, 2008

Some of you reading right now are going to win some great stuff. I am giving away the following things:

  • Two iPod nanos
  • One (large) surprise prize
  • One copy of Organizing Your Life
  • Five copies of Ramit Sethi’s personal finance ebook (a special thanks to Ramit for donating these)
  • Two copies of Trent‘s 31 Days to fix your Finances ebook

Ok so whats the deal?

Recently my girlfriend, a self professed shop-o-holic took a big step. She cut up all of her credit cards. I am having her explain in her own words:

My dad told me, “Lauren, don’t get yourself caught up in credit card debt”. At the time, I didn’t really even know what he was talking about. It started in college my sophomore year. I opened up a buckle charge card to buy a pair of $75 jeans. I thought, I will get a monthly bill of $10 and in about 8 months it will be done. Well, six years later that $75 turned in to $8500! I soon graduated college and received a full time job (more money, more debt) and bought my first house and had opened another 8 credit cards since my first! I have to say, the catch for me is not just “buy now, pay later”, but the up front discount they give you to open the card. “15% off if you open a Kohls charge card”. I promise you that if you do not pay it off right away, they will get that
that discount back from you and more in interest. So, this really started to consume and I thought back to my dad when I was younger “Lauren, don’t get yourself caught up in credit card debt”. I didn’t know where I was going to get extra money to pay off the debt, but I have managed to bring that $8500 down to about $6500. At this point every little bit helps and it actually feels really good. The trick for me is not paying little sums of money on every card, but when I get a large sum of cash ($100 or more), I pay it towards one card. It’s like I never knew I had the money. For example, my recent tax returns, I was due to receive $1800. I put $1600 of that towards paying off debt and cut up all of my cards in the process. I’m telling you, it was really hard for me to do this, but knowing that you are closer to being rid of debt is a much better feeling. I actually paid myself by doing this. By paying off my 3 credit cards, I now have an extra $100 per month! So, my take away is listen to your dad, and start getting rid of debt ASAP.

Here they are, its quite the pile:
cut up cards

This got me thinking. How many of us having extra temptation in our wallets? How many of us are carrying around credit cards we don’t need that can do nothing but put us into debt?

The contest:
All you have to do to enter is CUT UP one or more of your current cards and take that step in the direction away from relying on them, and take a picture. Mail me that picture at contest@thepennysaved.com along with a message about your experience with credit cards. Those that have no credit cards or cannot cut theirs up can still send me their experience to be eligible for any prizes EXCEPT the iPods. Here is the breakdown:

Grand Prize Man: Black Ipod Nano, Ramit’s Guide to kicking ass, 31 days to fix your finances
Grand Prize Woman: Pink Ipod Nano, Ramit’s Guide to kicking ass, 31 days to fix your finances

First runner up: Secret Prize, Ramit’s Guide to kicking ass, Organizing your Life, Investing online ebook

Two random drawings from the entry pool:
Ramit’s Guide to kicking Ass, Investing online ebook volume 6

Added Bonus: As a commitment to all of you and the cause, I will cut up MY credit cards. All of them. I now have the ability to put rewards on my debit card so I will cut up all of my credit cards as well and post the VIDEO of it online.

The deadline is TWO WEEKS FROM TODAY. Thats Monday March 10.

A couple rules:
It must be a real credit card and not a fake one that comes in the mail. If there are not at least 30 entrants I will give away everything except the ipods.

I am going to give away TWO iPod nanos

Friday, February 22nd, 2008

I am giving away the following two ipods (and some other great stuff). Check back MONDAY for details.

iPod Nano giveaway