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I am Jesse, Im a professional living in Colorado with my beautiful wife, amazing son, and two wild wild west(ies). This story starts years ago when I was a so called “young professional” that had absolutely no money management skills throughout college. However, one fateful day I was laid off from work. I had no extra money in savings, I had a mortgage to pay, a car payment, and basically nothing lined up. I quickly learned how to save money and became interested in personal finance. Now, fast forward 9 months. I had a new job, and was once again slipping into money wasting ways. I spent $1200 on going out in one month. Thats over $40/day. I decided to make a change, and write about it…and help others do the same.

Ive found that a lot of people coming out of college and on into adulthood don’t have a lot of experience managing money outside of “do I have money in the bank or not.” (For most of my friends the answer is: not). Hopefully I can help.