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Negotiation strategies and negotiation tactics; you will need them

Most people are not comfortable negotiating for things.   Negotiating is one of those awkward things that makes most people want to just throw in the towel and try to be ‘fair.’  Well, life is not fair and that is great new for you.  If you have the cahones to tip the balance in your favor.

As a culture we are taught that negotiating is uncomfortable and awkward, and it can definitely feel that way but just like anything else, practice makes perfect.  There is a graphic I like:

Now, the goal is the push the negotiation so that you are to or near the “other’s” minimum.  I am not going to go into specific tactics, there are entire websites dedicated to negotiating but I have a few points for you.

-The average person who negotiates their salary upon higher ends up with at least 10% more than the person who does not

-Contrary to popular belief, negotiating will not cost you the job

-You can negotiate more things than you probably think you can.  For example, we actually negotiated with Best Buy when we bought our TV and got them to knock $100 off the price.  Thats right, best buy.

-Don’t be afraid.

Step one I want everyone to try.  Call your credit card company, and ask them to lower your rate.  If they refuse or make up and excuse, tell them you would like a 10% lower rate.  If you are already at 15% or under, tell them you want 5% lower rate.  You hold the chips here, you can mention you will balance transfer elsewhere, you can mention you are going to consolidate with a loan at another bank.  The credit card company has everything to lose (your monthly fees) and nothing to gain.  Some may not budge at all, but I think you will surprised if you try…

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