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Its probably a good idea to agree on finances before getting married

Thursday, May 21st, 2009

money ring

Its never too soon to agree with your spouse on how you spend money.  There was a study that I read a long time ago that said the number one source of tension in marriages in a random sampling of couples was (Dum dum dum) MONEY!  Ok, so who here is surprised?  I know I am not.  Considering most of us Americans have a large load of debt so when you bring two people with debt together (or even one person with debt and one without) there are bound to be some hard money discussions.  The best time to figure out finances is before you’re married when both of your money is separate.

I’m getting married in August but we have had relatively combined finances for quite a while.  Admittedly I came into the relationship with more debt than Lauren did.  The one main thing is that we both want to get out of debt but not become misery in the process.  That being said, I know quite a few couples who just cannot figure the money thing out.  There is a one huge lesson to learn here: if you are getting married, talk about money beforehand, it is never too soon.