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24 Hour Fitness

I have had a few people write in asking about the new sponsor on the left that replaced Prosper.  From John in Portland:

“Hey Jesse, aren’t you a financial blog? Whats with the 24 hour fitness sign/sponsor?”

After my new years resolution article where I encouraged everyone to  follow through on their resolutions including getting fit both physically and financially I received an email from a VP at 24 hour fitness asking me about my experience.  I responded that I was very happy with my local 24 hour fitness sport and things went from there.   I do not personally plug companies with graphic affiliate ads unless I believe in them (as I still do with p2p lending and ING banking).

As most of you know, I am not an advocate of the ultra frugal lifestyle but the responsibly frugal lifestyle.  I believe spending money on things that are of great value, and I believe fitness is one of those things that is valuable and worth spending some money on.  If you are entrenched at your local gym or comfortable with your home gym, by all means keep at that.  If you are looking for a gym try out a 24 hour with the 30 free day trial.  Hopefully at some point I can find a introductory offer for TPS readers.

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