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Where’s Jesse been? My Son was born this week!

Actual reader email from Josh in Arizona:


Are you around?  This may seem weird but I am starting to get mad at you not posting, sort of like a penpal that doesnt write back…especially since this is the weirdest/hardest financial time we have seen in this country in ages.  Ok enough weird emails to bloggers that don’t know me 🙂

PS please post”

Well to the delight of many of you, and the consternation of a few of you you, I am alive and better than ever.  I haven’t quit blogging, I have just slowed down lately because I have had a son on the way and he was born this week!   Jackson Lee:

Lauren and Jackson are both doing great.  Thanks to everyone for the concern as to my whereabouts.  I have a bunch of articles that I am just finishing and I finally finished the ebooks I have been promising so look for them to come sometime this week!

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