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Im on a tear – Just saved $300 on Directv (psst, here’s how)

I know that sounds sort of like a DirecTV commercial but I have to admit, I am completely and totally addicted to NFL Sunday ticket.  I hate the NFL for making me have satellite just to watch every NFL game, but we take the cards that have been dealt to us, so it is that I have directv instead of cable.  As most of you know by now, we are moving soon (this week actually) into the new house so I have had the oh-so-fun task of transferring services from Lauren’s house to our new house.

Here are the changes we are making:

-Upgrading our second receiver from regular to HD-DVR for the bedroom
-Adding a HD-Receiver to the loft
-Adding a HD-Receiver to the office

All of this was going to cost a total of $130.

Seeing as I always preach to try and ask for deals, I figured I’d better try and strike a deal. The conversation went like this:

Jesse: “$130 huh?  Hmm, thats a little expensive”
Directv lady: “Well sir, you are getting quite a few upgrades and changes to your service.  I’ll go ahead and get that going…”
Jesse: “(interrupting), well I need to check and see what all our options are before I commit to anything.  I can call back later on.”
Directv lady: “We might be able to get you an upgrade in here for free.  How about a free move and free upgrade to HD DVR for the second receiver?”
Jesse: “Can you add and upgrade the other two for free as well.”
Directv lady: “let me see what I can do….<away for a few mins>….ok sir, we can do all that as well.”

Followed by her setting up the move.  We’re about to get off the phone then I say:

Jesse: “So when we first started our package was cheaper, why was that?”
DTVL: “That was an introductory package.”
Jesse: “I want to get back on that”
DTVL: (silence)
Jesse: (silence)
DTVL: “Well sir, that was an introductory package”
Jesse: “Im moving, thats sort of like starting over”
DTVL: “Let me check what we have…”

Boom $20 off every month for the next six months, at which point I will call again and ask for another discount.  $120 right there.  But we’re not done.

DTVL: “Thank you for choosing directv, is there anything else I can help you with.”
Jesse: “Yeah I will be missing a week of NFL Sunday ticket, I would like to get a discount on it.”
DTVL: (sigh)

$60 off Sunday Ticket. 

Total savings: $310 

Go forth and get deals.

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