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Top five WORST things to buy from a thrift shop

So for fun, here are the opposites of yesterdays post…things you absolutely don’t want to buy from a thrift shop:

second hand
1) Underwear. Buying used underwear from a thrift store is like….right here is where you insert a gross metaphor. Seeing as I try to keep this blog PG I am going to let you use your imagination. Whats sick is my brother swears that he has seen a lot of older ladies buying used undergarments from the salvation army. If you are so down on your luck that you are feeling the need to go out and buy underwear second hand send me an email and I will give you a $1.06 gift card to target to buy a pack of bargain bin undies. Dear Lord.

2) Mattresses. This one might be more tempting than the underwear just because matresses are more expensive but it is even more gross than underwear. Good luck throwing a mattress into the washer with a bunch of bleach. Ill leave it to your imagination to think about all the fun screts a second hand mattress can hide. Oh and then theres bed bugs. Which feed at night. On people.

3) Swimsuits. See underwear, except worse. Plus you can’t bleach them.

4) Cosmetics. This one might be unusual but there wouldn’t be a cosmetic section if no one bought the cosmetics. Just think of all the bacteria and viruses that might be festering in there. Blehck.

5) Stuffed Animals. What says “I love you son” like buying him a used stuffed animal infected with disease, coated with other kids snot, and full of lice? In all honesty, its just not a good idea even if you wash and bleach them.

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