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Lessons Learned, Link Love, and other alliteration

Apparently I do not have the assembly skills of an eight months pregnant woman.  I assembled our changing table and it took me 4 hours.  Assembly time: 3 hours and women were saying they managed to do it 8 months pregnant on the reviews.  This has led severe depression and inability to write an article today.  Instead I am going to impart others wisdom on you.

First up My Money Blogs article on focusing on your financial sphere of influence.  This is a big thing to me because worrying about money is something that can absolutely wrack you with stress.  Its important to really focus on the things that you can change vs the things you cannot change.  This goes for all areas of your life, not just financial.

Lazy Man writes about putting a price on being healthy.  This is something I feel pretty strongly about.  I will spend what it takes for me to be successfully healthy.  For me that means buying protein powder, creatine and the like.

Next Flexo busts out some frugality with Can you save an extra $500 a month

PT Money raps.  Literally.  There is nothing to learn here, its just awesome.

I Will Teach you to be rich talks about buying stuff outside the country to save money.

For those of you who are interested in ETFs, Sun has a great article on setting up a virtual ETF portfolio 

Five Cent Nickel explains what happens to your CD if your bank fails.  I had no idea before reading the article.

Patrick from Cash Money Life wrote a series about a possible second economic stimulus check that started a debate that I, of course, had to jump right into.

No credit needed talks about how awesome it is to be debt free.  Pretty damn inspiring.

Free Money Finance talks about being a Money Manager This is huge to me because I just plain am naturally bad at organization.

The Simple Dollar takes on save for retirement or get rid of debt?  I think most Americans struggle with this at some point in their lives.

Jeremy at Gen X finance talks about something that hits home for me: how has the value of your house held up?  Ive had my house swing about 40k total in worth in the past few years.  First way up then way down, then back to the middle.

Mighty Bargain Hunter doesn’t care about how much exxon makes.  Any Neither do I but I like the article.

My Two Dollars has a nice gardening guide which is cool cause I have been ranting about my garden all summer.

There was a bunch more I liked this week, but maybe Ill save them for later.

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