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Long Layoff but Im back: The key to fighting stress: exercise. Trust me.

To say that work is stressful for most people is sort of like talking about the weather. Its way overdone. Well, in my case unfortunately when my day job gets stressful and resumes its ridiculous hours The Penny Saved suffers, my health suffers, and Im moodier than Don Rickles delivering a monologue. Luckily I have a cure for all three. For #s 2 and 3, I have to exercise, its the only thing that can really effectively improve both. As for the first thing, my temporary solution for today is to write about 2 and 3.

The biggest problem with exercising during stressful times is staying motivated. So here are 10 tips that I came up with to stay motivated that I use religiously

1) Buy a bunch of protein
The first thing I do when I decide to start lifting and running again is to buy a bunch of protein powder. Not only is it great for building muscle but protein shakes WILL help you lose fat.

2) Get a portable MP3 player (if you dont have one)
How often do you see people running along the road without one? Not very often huh? Yeah, thats cause music is a motivator. It works.

3) Do a fat pinch
On your midsection, pinch between your belly button and your waistline. Thats all fat. That is enough to keep me running.

4) Join an organized sport
It gets you doing exercise without thinking of it as exercise.

5) Join a message board
There are a few that I liked. The ones I like are more geared toward weight lifting but there are message boards out there for just about every flavor of exercise. Seeing other people talk about fitness, and participating in those discussions can really motivate you. And hey, if you are reading this, you can read a message board, right?

6) Take pictures of yourself
I have historically yo-yoed a lot in my life. I have some terrible before pictures, and every time I have taken before pictures and then every month taken a new one I have stayed on course until I had great after pictures.

7) If you are dreading some workout, do another one
Why kill your motivation to do anything at all? If its not working, do something else. Running boring? Play some basketball or go swimming. You get the picture.

8) Plan out workout times in advance
Obviously if work is stressing you out and you are super busy, you need to schedule time. The problem is, if you are already crunched, the exercising will slip if you don’t explicitly schedule it in.

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