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Gas and Money Saving tips 1-10 (of 50!)

So I have a massive list of tips I’ve compiled going from the obvious to the not-quite-so-obvious. So here to start things off, is 1-10.

1) Don’t speed
When you speed not only does your drag increase (thinks back to my mechanical engineering classes that I mostly slept through). Not only that, but at higher RPMs even in high gears you are burning a lot more fuel. If you’re on the highway, slowing down from 85 to 70 depending on your car can decrease your fuel consumption by over 20%. I am terrible about this. Im working on it.

2) Dont accelerate too hard
Once again, high RPMs = large amounts of gas being burned. Im also terrible at this. I am also working on this. ;)

3) De-Junk-ify your car
The more the car weighs the more fuel it uses. Only bring stuff you really need. Like golf clubs.

4) Turn that A/C off (or use less)
When the air conditioner is on it puts extra load on the engine forcing more fuel to be used (by about 20%). Roll down the windows, after all, being in touch with with the cool breeze is nicer anyway, right? Edit: rate of diminishing return, drag gets worse as you speed up so above low speeds, roll the windows up and switch to AC.

5) Long trip? Cruise control it up
Avoid accelerating and decelerating if possible. See #2.

6) Waiting on a Train? How about at Sonic? Turn the car off
Save some otherwise wasted fuel.

7) Keep your tires inflated
My cousin and I just did a test on this on his Lumina and it really does save you several MPG if they are properly inflated…in his case from low to slightly high, 3 MPG, no joke. On my Z thats $.57 per gallon!

8) Buy the lowest grade (octane) of gasoline that you can (safely)
Check your owner’s manual for this information. IF you’re not pinging, you’re good to go.

9) Pay cash at places that charge extra for credit cards

10) Get gas from places like Walmart and King Soopers that are offering loss leader deals
You can often get gas for a lot cheaper. I am saving about 20 cents a gallon at Kings by my house. Sweet.

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