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How much is a million dollars? or variation: What does a million dollars look like?

I have gotten quite a few of these searches coming through on google lately so I decided to sit down and figure out exactly how much a million dollars is just for fun.

Lets start with one dollar, which looks like this:

one dollar

Now lets represent a dollar with a dollar sign ‘$’.


Thats to make a hundred dollars.  I would have to make one hundred thousand lines like that to even represent one million dollars.   In order to represent a million dollars it would take up approximately 200 pages of this blog (at my resolution) of just dollar signs.

One million dollars in ones would weigh approximately the same as a mazda miata…but would be considerably larger.


-To count your ones, if you were counting 24/7 it would take you about three weeks
-If you lit your pile of ones on fire (eek)
-At current gas prices, you could buy enough gas to drive my 350Z  5 million miles, or if were possible you could drive around the world 200 times
-Assuming $2.00 for a liter of bottled water, you could buy 7 humans enough bottled water to drink for their entire lives.

If I get motivated maybe Ill find more sometime.

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