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Settling for middle class is cowardly

lazyThere have been a couple articles lately on “middle class” that have caught my attention. First there was the discussion thread on the simple dollar, and then Mrs Micah wrote “Whats Wrong with being in the middle class.” So am I just a gigantic jerk?

Maybe but let me explain. My beef is not with being middle class: I am middle class, my friends are middle class, and my family is middle class. My beef is with “settling.” For anything. My beef is with the idea that “middle class is good enough so I am going to settle for it.” I am not including people who choose to live to live in middle class or live their lives in middle class. To many people money is not a priority and thus they do not apply here. I am talking about people who settle because they do not want to try. That is cowardly.

Success in life can only come from truly apply yourself to all things that matter to you. Everyone says they want to succeed in life but very few are willing to push themselves and do what it takes to achieve their goals…this is why two twins can be separated at birth and be raised by very similar families but one will succeed and one will fail.

I would hate to think on my death bed “boy I settled with my life.” I want you all to think of more than just financially, though I don’t think you should settle financially either. What are the things that are important to you right now? Are you settling on any of them? I’m not talking about situations that are outside of your control, I am talking about things within the sphere of your control. Are you spending $50/day when you could be spending $10/day? Could you be going to the gym regularly but haven’t? (my current point of action that I need to take – get back into a regular workout routine).

We live in America, which means you have unlimited opportunity. Take advantage of it.

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