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Changed theme, impending downtime, and some great links for the week

First and foremost as you can tell, I added a column, a special thanks to Chuck from The Financial Journey who helped me out a bunch for no good reason, other than he is a BA.  If you don’t read his blog, you should.

Next on the agenda, my hosting service is moving datacenters to a nice new awesome place so there will be some downtime this weekend.  Do not panick, I have not abandoned all of you if the site is down for a bit, I promise.  Hopefully the downtime will only be from midnight-6 am tomorrow night but we will see.

Next some of my favorite articles from the week:

Delayed Tax return from blogging away debt

A bunch of stuff from Suns Financial Diary but it includes a comic about one of my touchiest political subjects, Social security, arrrrgh.

Next up an article on pet costs from my money blog.  Honestly I never used to read MMB, but I noticed an unGodly amount of referrals coming from him so I started reading, turns out, now one of my favorite blogs, no joke.  Anyway we just got our puppy spayed so pet related finances fits well for the week.  Im not sure why but Ive gotten a couple emails wanting more puppy pictures after I posted the CC cutup video….maybe I need to rename this blog from “The Penny Saved” to “Pictures of our fluffy white dog”

Mrs Micah talks about her missing W2.  Lost mine once, unfun.

Patrick talks about Job searching while employed.  I love career stuff so check that out.  Something else about Cash Money Life: the man is insane about reader interaction.  It makes it one of the most fun blogs to post on, if you want to be sure about getting a response to a question, and you are sick of my witty humor, go here.  Everyone loves Patrick (and Im not exception).

Honest Dollar: “Dude wheres my refund“  Sweet!

PT Money, who is my girlfriends favorite blog,  has a funny thing on 5 crazy tax write offs people have claimed.

Ramit is back from vacation so you can continue reading his stuff now.  Included because he’s my favorite blog.

Ive been busting on Trent because of google giving him bizzare ads, so heres an obligatory link to a good article on his career change to full time blogging.

Mighty Bargain hunter talking about the dollar coin, which btw we should have gone to YEARS ago exclusively, but Im not biased or anything.

Lazy man can tell the future, no joke.  Oh yeah, its about p2p lending.

JD at Get Rich Slowly asks how you manage your finances.

Credit withdrawl touching another subject that really pisses me off – bailing everyone out.

Pretty sweet, 5 cent nickel got an interview with one of the authors of Middle Class Millionaires

No credit Needed is on a diet – financially and literally.

Hank is giving away sweet stuff, go get it!

Being Frugal, I love tightwad tuesdays.  Though I don’t follow the tips usually (too much mess for me to mess with personally) I love reading them, and if you’re motivated, give it a go

Heres a first, watch me piss off people at Digerati Life in the comments thread, guess Blip Blap wont be adding me to his blogroll anytime soon…but the personal trainer in me makes me cant resist linking to his site, since he lost 100 lbs and completely turned his life around…plus he writes a pretty damn good blog.

Guess Ive probably siphoned enough of what little google pagerank I have for the day, happy Thursday everybody!

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