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This is pretty apalling

I happened to overhear a conversation the other day between two 30-something guys talking about their jobs.  One of them said to the other “I don’t waste money in my companies retirement crap.”  A few years ago I wouldn’t have thought twice about it and I would have just gone along on my merry way, thinking about the weather.  Unfortunately now, comments like that make my ears bleed.  Its a good thing that one of them didnt say “yeah, we’ll live on social security” or else I would probably have created a scene, and no one wants a scene.

Here is the problem in my opinion.  Everyone in Gen x, y, z that is of working age has put basically zero thought into what retirement will actually mean.  I think instead most of the retirement thinking going on revolves around thinking about laying by a pool in Mexico drinking a pacifico and munching on chips and queso while their yacht is parked nearby.  Some might contribute a bit to their 401k, but most dont max company contribution out (only 1 in 7 Gen yers!).  Most don’t realize that unless they get on it early the closest they will come to that vision is cleaning that pool, and having a log on the beach to float around on.

If you haven’t maxed out your companie’s 401k match, go do it right now.


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