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I must be doing something right if I am making these people mad…

I received an email yesterday from a financial advisor…and he was not happy:

Dear Eric,
Yes, thats right I know your real name. I came across your article “Credit counseling is fraud” and I am not sure what makes you think you have a right to give people financial advice on how to handle their money. I went to HARVARD and studied ECONOMICS to earn my right to work as a financial adviser. I don’t sit and write a blog about how to get rid of engineers so how about you <edited> off. Credit counseling is a valid job and we provide a SERVICE to people, you are just a sarcastic big mouth on the internet stirring up trouble. You are probably just a reject college drop out who is hoping to make money online because your janitor job pays minimum wage. For someone who claims “sports” and “bodybuilding” as hobbies you go to great lengths to show pictures of yourself either head up or with heavy coat on you lying fat ass.

<Edit> you.

This email is funny for a variety of reasons, not the least of which because my name is not Eric. Eric is the name of my friend I share hosting with. Aside from that, I am somewhat of a sarcastic big mouth I suppose so hes got me there, ha!

What this really tells me is that people like this are threatened by you being empowered. So read on. Oh and heres a gratuitous collections of pictures of me doing things from my about page 🙂


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