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For the love of God, do not invest in forever stamps (top 5 reasons why not)

Forever stamp bad investmentIve heard some rumblings about stock market instability and the fact that the new forever stamps are another thing to invest in since postage rates climb fairly often. However they are NOT a good investment. To the right is my new and improved design for the forever stamp. Lets go over why:

1) Buying a ton of stamps sucks. Do you really want to go into the post office and buy a truckload of stamps? Added bonus they WONT EVEN SELL YOU that many. Thats right, they are limited to a “reasonable” quantity. Though it might be funny to walk into the store and ask for 10,000 stamps, I’m pretty sure they wont consider that a reasonable quantity.

2) You can’t even sell stamps for face value. Check ebay. Just because something costs 42 cents doesn’t mean that you can buy it and turn around and sell it for 42 cents.

3) Why aren’t you putting that money into your debt payoffs/retirement fund/emergency fund/index fund/fund to go to cabo?

4) The postage rates are increased yearly based on inflation** and this just in: pacing inflation is not a good investment.

**Our government works in strange, mysterious and non efficient ways, so who really knows.

5) There are better ways to spend your time and messing around with stamps. Yeah I know that is pretty general, but lets think this through. Ok so you buy thousands of forever stamps. You hold on to them for a few years. Now its time to sell. Where are you going to sell thousands of stamps? Ebay? To a store maybe? Logistically its just not feasible. I will probably have a nightmare tonight about running around from store to trying to sell them my crappy boxes full of stamps.

What are forever stamps good for?
Convenience. Buying one cent stamps is annoying when they hike rates. So if you hang onto stamps for a long time, buy yourself some forever stamps to reduce the hassle. Otherwise, leave em alone!

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