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The world is NOT ending, its a retirement sale baby!

Money truck 401k retirementIf I had a nickel for every time I have heard the words “recession” and “economic trouble” and “disaster” in the past month I would driving my money truck down to the bank with the biggest change counter in town. Im not sure how you count a truck load of nickels but Im sure it cant be easy.

Everyone knows this is the real end of the world.
Exploding Earth Penny Saved Finance

So anyway….
The media is of course going crazy over it, which immediately should raise red flags because they are TERRIBLE at predicting the economy. My favorite of all time is people saying that google stock was super overpriced at $80 a share. Oops. I saw an article in mens health I think it was where they picked some stocks based on an expert, throwing darts, and some other random means. The dart method had by far the best results. In any case there are several key points here:

1) Yes there is a housing bubble but surprise…some of it is ALREADY behind us.

2) One of the key points of a recession is a lack of jobs. Consumer spending may be down, but jobs are not. In fact, I am going to my alma mater’s career fair tomorrow (by the time this is posted it will be the day of) because my company is in desperate need of developers.

3) Regardless of what happens, dip in stocks means one thing. Cheaper stock prices! No matter what happens there will be no massive massive sell off of stocks. There will be no massive crash. A downturn in stocks is a chance to get ahead on retirement saving. Think of it as a sale on retirement!

For every dollar less a stock is right now that you can buy it for for your retirement fund, you are making much more money in the long run. For people wanting to get out right now it is problematic….but for most people that are reading this blog this is like the day after thanksgiving sale…for stocks, except you don’t have to wait outside in freezing temperatures in front of circuit city drinking spiked hot chocolate waiting for 7 am to get a tv in below freezing colorado weather. Oh no bitterness here by the way.

So everyone calm down, don’t pull your money out of your investments. Don’t panic that your 401k went down. Dont try to time the market. I promise it will all be ok. If its not, I promise I will share my box with you.

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