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Sometimes the smartest financial decision…is not the decision for you

If I were giving advice to someone, I would tell them not to buy a new car. I would also tell them not to finance a car, but instead to save up and buy a late model used car. I would also advise someone to buy a car with low insurance premiums that gets excellent gas milage. All of that said, this weekend I bought a new car with higher insurance premiums that gets average gas milage (though much better than my previous car). I also financed it through my credit union. However, it wasn’t an impulse buy, it was something I did a lot of thinking about.

There were several reasons I went the route I did:

Professionalism – my previous car was fun (A Dodge sports car) but was more akin to something a high school kid would drive than a college graduate working for a consulting firm.

Need to get rid of my previous car – I was almost up on my warranty and did not wish to pay for an extended warranty. Also private party sales of my car are very slim.

Low interest rate – I was able to secure a very low interest loan through my credit union.

Personality – The car I got is very much a reflection of my personality.

Carpe Diem – I actually deteste this saying, but for me to have a new car, this is the time.

Budget – It fits into my budget

Resale value – It is one of the highest resale value cars on the market…which was actually one of the reasons I decided to get one new instead of used. The used prices were not much lower than the new prices.

Color – As odd as this sounds, the color I wanted was only available on the ’07 model.

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