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Life isn’t fair… And thats GREAT news

This is something that a very large portion of the population just doesn’t understand. Years ago a cousin of mine was hooked on David Deangelo, a behavioral psychologist, and we were driving on a po-dunk road in canada listening to his CD when I heard something that really caught my attention. He said:

“Life isnt fair…and thats great news. We are each born with our own lot and others have their own biases and prejudices. This is good news because it also means you can turn things in your favor…if everything was fair you would just have to accept your place in life. You would have nothing you could do about it…Things are not fair, but thats the best news that there could possibly be, because that means you can turn things in your favor.”

There was a speech Bill Gates gave where he named 11 rules of life and guess what #1 was? Thats right: Life isnt fair – Get used to it!

So on to why it’s great news. Its great news because it means that you can take a poor financial situation and make it a good one. It means that you can come from poverty and be rich. There was a great story a while back that I read about a man who was slightly developmentally disabled. He lived in a very tiny apartment and worked at a local fast food restaurant, as well as a night job doing some sort of cleaning. There was something else about this man that no one knew. He had an obsession with the stock market and investing. As it turns out he supposedly managed accumulate several hundred thousand dollars. Another great example is Bill Gates himself. He went from a typical nerd to the richest man in the world.

The bottom line is in every part of life you can improve a situation. I don’t care what the situation is, you may (and in most cases) not get the IDEAL situation but you can always improve a situation.

Lets find an example. Oh, how about myself. I had an awesome family life growing up but we were solidly middle class and didn’t have a ton of extra money. When my dad brought home a computer I did everything I could to learn about it. I dove into every subject possible about computers. I went to the library (which reminds me of something from the movie Dave Chapelles Block Party where Wyclef Jean tells a group of kids not to blame anyone for not succeeding, “they have librarys in the ‘hood.”) . When I was in high school I landed a job with Hewlett Packard…not because I had any connections there, but because I had extra skills on top of what they were asking for (for an intern position). I managed to move up the ladder there and what was supposed to be a one year internship turned into working there for 6 years.

Want to decrease debt? Do what it takes to spend less. Eat like a college student again, find the cheapest happy hour, and don’t buy things you don’t absolutely need.

Want to save? Find a way to put aside a little money each paycheck.

Want a better job? Search them out, apply for them. There are jobs everywhere. Just because you didn’t get a degree in a particular field, doesn’t mean you can’t learn what it takes to get a job in that field.

When you come on hard times, instead of complaining about how unfair life is, think how you can use it to your advantage. If things are going well, make sure to figure out your goals and then do what it takes to achieve them. For instance, my current goal is to go to bed. I will now get into bed.

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